Q:1 What is TheViralMarketer System?
Answer: TheViralMarketer is a tool that can be used by any Networker/MlM'er to build an email list for any MLM business that they are promoting. You can access TheViralMarketer from the web or download it from the Google Playstore or IOS store. 
Q:2 Is this a pyramid scheme?
Answer:  The perception of pyramid schemes are so easily connected to the MLM/Network marketing industry because it requires the recruitment of people to build an organisation. Hence it remains important to understand and explain the MLM concept to Anti-MLM'ers as almost all of them have no clue of how the MLM concept is suppose to function and what a pyramid scheme is. Hence, let's do that here.
  There is a lot of anti MLM people leaving comments here and unfortunately most of them is very emotional with lack of understanding of what the business model is all about. For any MLM there must be a product and not an over priced product. In a regular business; let's say you go to a retail store, you buy a product and all. the profit will be rightfully earned by the shop owner. Then profit of cause is the cost of product minus selling price. In MLM/Network marketing the profit generated from selling the product is distributed amongst several people in some form of a compensation plan. So instead of just the shop owner earning alll of the profit, MLM allows more people to earn from the profit generated by selling the product. However many MLM's place too much weight on the sign-up fee. This makes it wrong. There can be a sign-up fee, but it cannot be driving force to earn in a MLM company. The driving force must be the profits generated from selling of products. And YES, the more people in your network will ultimately result in more money to be made. Yes, and those that starts FIRST will earn FIRST than those that start later provided that both make a consistent effort. Those that start later will just earn in a later timeframe as long as effort remains consistent.
Please note: In all types of industries, let's name a few: Banking, Real Estate, MLM, etc... you will find con artist that gives the industry a bad name, however you cannot condemn the concept in it's totality. The same thing happened in MLM...that doesn't make the concept bad. You just need to discern between the good and the bad. Watch out for high sign up fees. That should be your first RED light. Next is to look out for the price of products and make sure that it is not over priced. There are good companies out there and I fully agree with Dave that you need to learn the tricks of the trade. In conclusion: Statistically MLM is on top of the list as it still creates the most wealthy people world wide. No other industry can do this cause when they sell the products, they keep all the profit whereas MLM distributes the profit amongst several people in a compensation plan...?

Q3: How to transfer bitcoin to TheViralMarketer bitcoin wallet. Answer: Step 1:If you've never had a bitcoin wallet, we suggest that you open a Luno bitcoin wallet. Go to www.luno.com click on Sign Up. The process is very simple. Just follow the process from page to page and read carefully. 

Step 2: After Sign Up is complete, login to your Luno account and click on HOME
Click on BUY

This will allow you to transfer money from your local bank account to your Luno wallet. If you're not yet verified with Luno, they will perform a verification process on your 
account before you can transfer. 

Deposit an amount equivalent to 7usd. This will cover all transactional cost for Transfer and Upgrade.Click on NEXT

The bank account details of Luno will know appear. Please read the instructions on this screen carefully in order to make a successful deposit. 

You click DONE either before or after making the deposit. Make sure the reference number is used in the recipient reference field. 

This note confirms that you have followed the steps correctly. Remember to pay the deposit from your local bank account. 

The Money will now reflect in your wallet in your local currency. In order to convert it from local currency to bitcoin, click on "WALLETS" in left panel of Luno and you will arrive at the following screen.

Now click on "BUY" and the following screen will provide you with an option to convert your local currency balance to bitcoin.
Step 3: 

In this step we will show you how to transfer bitcoins from Luno to TheViralMarketer wallet.After you have logged in to theviralmarketer.biz click on TRANSACTIONS

Click on REQUEST

Copy your bitcoin wallet address by clicking on CLICK HERE TO COPY

Go to Luno and click on SEND

Paste the bitcoin wallet address of TheViralMarketer Wallet in the SEND BITCOIN TO field. Click on the BTC amount in the AVAILABLE field to complete the amount you want to transfer. Remember to transfer the minimum amount of 7 dollars. Click Next and CONFIRM your transfer. Next is to login into TheViralMarketer member's area and your bitcoins will reflect in top right corner. 

Step 4: Now that the bitcoin is transferred to your wallet, the next important step is to upgrade. Login to TheViralMarketer member's area and click on PROFILE which you will find by clicking on the drop down arrow next to your name.

In order to transfer bitcoin from your wallet or to do UPGRADES, you need to have a TRANSACTION password. The importance of this password is to ensure that your bitcoins remains protected in your wallet. You can register for a transactional password by clicking REGISTER/RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD. Once you click this link, our system will forward you an email with a default password. Copy and PASTE this password and enter it into the OLD TRANSACTION PASSWORD. Make sure not to copy any spaces before or at the back of the password. Now create a new password in the NEW TRANSACTION PASSWORD field of with only 8 characters. Nothing more, nothing less. Click on CHANGE TRANSACTION PASSWORD. Remember to save your new password in a save place. Whenever you need to reset your TRANSACTION password. You can just repeat this procedure. 

Next is to click on UPGRADE

Click on PAY NOW

Complete the missing characters of your TRANSACTION password and click SUBMIT.

All that is left to do is to tick the box next to the Terms and Conditions and click PAY NOW and you're UPGRADED. 

Note that you will never have to transfer money again from Luno in order to upgrade. All future upgrades will paid from your profit and not out of your pocket. Every member needs to upgrade 8 times. All payments received from downline members will be a profit to you. 
Q:4Where can I find my Referral Link?
Step 1:

Step 2: 

Your referral link will display as below. Click on the small icon in red to copy the link on your clipboard. For members doing Whatsapp Marketing, you need to copy this link exactly as it is and paste it in WAM2 at the bottom.